the jewel in the lotus

In composing the 'Jewel in the Lotus', I found out that the work itself was one of an inner journey. A look into how I perceive life through my personal experiences.

Growing up in Hawaii, I was surrounded by colors and sounds of nature. The cry of birds, the pounding of surf, the myriad noises one hears when you immerse your head in the ocean. Hiking in the hills above my parents home, I listened to the wind rustling the leaves of guava and koa trees and the special percussive symphonies of bamboo forests. I would watch with fascination the endless parade of clouds sometimes stately other times with great urgency. My fire initiation came as a dramatic act of tending the last 12 hours of a wood burning Dragon kiln containing hundred of fine ceramics. My job was to overcome my fear of being burned and to maintain the intense heat required to complete a week-long vigilance of this very special event held annually at one of the only zen-dojo's in the western world. A very special place where the emphasis of Zen studies are experienced through the various martial arts, calligraphy, flower arrangement, ceramic ware and, of course, sitting meditation-zazen.

All of these and many more memories are what makes up the totality of who I am. I would hope that the 'Jewel in the Lotus' would help to bring you back to yourself to acknowledge your unique existence and personnal journey. It is my wish and prayer that by finding your true Self, that you can celebrate your life and find in it the many common traits we all share on on this planet, to first change ourselves, enabling us to move forward and bring every living creature into enlightenment, regardless of the creed.



"The Allen Won Quartet is refreshing, creative, and spiritual. This recording speaks volumes to those who know how to listen with a receptive soul."
Vince Gnojek
Professor of Saxophone and Director of Woodwinds Division at the University of Kansas Lawrence

"The revealing of 'The jewel and the lotus'--such a glowing record. I enjoyed the interplay of these fine players. And what Allen Won breathe thru a soprano sax is indeed so haunted by the memory of Thomas Chapin. The blend of jazz with spirit and earthly evocation cast a wonderful spell."
Kirk Nurock

"Whether it's on soprano or baritone sax, Allen puts the birds to shame his haunting, persuasive style."
Galt MacDermot

"ALLEN WON IS ONE OF THE MOST CREATIVE AND EXCITING SAXOPHONE PLAYERS ON THE SCENE TODAY! I have witnessed his development for more than the last twenty-five years of his playing career and watched him mature and evolve into the player he is today. His musical abilities have no boundaries."
Ira Nepus


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For info on booking and workshop call Allen Won
(917) 304-4776 or email


Alice Tully Hall, NYC
Avery Fisher Ha,, NYC
Birdland, NYC
Brown University RI
Carnegie Hall, NYC
Hawaii Theater, HI
Jacob's Pillow, MA
Jacques Marchais Museum of Tibetan Art, NY
Kaufman Hall 92 St Y, NYC
The Kitchen, NYC
The Knitting Factory, NYC
La Mama, NYC
Merkin Hall, NYC
Miller Theater, NYC
Painted Bride Philly
Public Theater, NYC
Snug Harbor NY
State Theater - Lincoln Center, NYC
Sweet Basil, NYC
The Village Gate, NYC
Weill Recital Hall, NYC