soprano and tenor Saxophone,
rainstick, bird whistles, tibetan
singing bowl

Contrabass, bird whistles

Drums, Percussion, bird whistles

Piano , bird whistles

All compositions by Allen Won
except where noted
Poetry by W. Bliem Kern ©1993
Recorded at Dangerous Music
Engineered by Scott Ansell
assisted by Charlie Martinez
Mixed by Scott Ansell
at Dangerous
Mastered at Sterling Sound
by "UE"
Produced by Allen Won
Photographs by Allen Won
Design and cover photograph
by Joanne Dugan
Web Design by Ludovic Moulin

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the jewel in the lotus

"The Jewel in the Lotus is based on the Tibetan chakra system in which there are set points of "whirling" energy always in motion within the body. These chakras are what I envisioned when composing this piece. I began with a tone and a specific element: earth, water, fire, heart, ether, thought, spirit, love and compassion.

The scale I used has 7 tones in which each tone represents a specific chakra. Each tone in turn became the key in which I composed this suite. Though love and compassion are not formally considered chakras, there are supposedly chakras that exist above the head. The thought that they represent finer and finer points of energy made me think of this particular relationship. I suggest that you use this piece as one to meditate by or to spend time in quiet contemplation.

I used all acoustic instruments to evoke a sense of timeliness or timelessness. The classic jazz quartet uses these same instruments in a slightly different manner. I cannot deny my influences: Trane, Duke, Shorter, Miles. There are others for sure. But I would like you to see if you can hear the not-so-obvious influences as well. I'll give you a hint--I grew up in Hawaii. There, let your mind chew on this one while you give the album a listen or two.


This album is dedicated to the memory of Thomas Chapin

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